RoboWhiz™ Gateway

Welcome to the RoboWhiz® Gateway.

is a registered trademark owned by this website. The phrase RoboWhiz® is short for Robot Wizard, which is an artificial intelligence entity designed to help you with your technical support questions.

Currently, we have the HTML5 and Adobe® Flash support libraries enabled for RoboWhiz®. What this means is that you can ask RoboWhiz questions about these two topics and all questions about other topics will be ignored. If you are still unsure, a sample of topics covered by RoboWhiz are given on the RoboWhiz Covered Topics page.


RoboWhiz® Gateway Interface

Terms of Use

The current version of RoboWhiz® requires that a human filter the response generated. For this reason, a maximum wait time of 24 hours is required to receive a response to your question. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, RoboWhiz® has chosen to skip over your question. The full release version of RoboWhiz® will allow you to receive answers on the fly for a wider range of web development topics.

The current version of RoboWhiz® is provided for you to use free of charge. However, we encourage those using this service for commercial reasons to make an optional donation of $5.00 (USD) per useful answer provided (You can pay for these in batches of 5 ahead of time if you wish.). Use the button below to make this donation if you are using RoboWhiz's responses for commercial reasons:

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